August Favorites 2016


I know I keep saying this but how is it already September? Although the weather, here in Seattle, is definitely showing the season change. We had rain the whole Labor Day weekend and even though they’re saying it’ll be in the 80s again next week, I highly doubt it. But you never know, this is Seattle. The weather here is more bipolar than a bikini competitor on prep 😉 Here’s a peek at some of my August favorites from last month from lifestyle to fitness and everything in between! Halo Top “Birthday Cake” ice cream – OMG. I’ve been slightly […]

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Review – Bonk Breaker Cookies & Cream


Ohhh the Oreo obsession.. Stalking all of the Instagram #iifym has its perks and downfalls. On one hand, you get tons of ideas on what to make for meal prep or any tips or tricks. But on the other hand, you see Oreos, Pop Tarts, sugary cereals that I could fit into my macros for the day but that would mean munching on lettuce for the rest of the day. So when I saw Bonk Breaker Cookies & Cream protein bar, I knew I had to get on it ASAP! Bonk Breaker is not the most popular company in the […]

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Kat Von D Beauty #LockItRevolution


Even when I was a little girl, I was always lost in things that involved around beauty. I cut my Barbie’s hair until there were none left and have been a tomboy until about 16 years old. Yes, I always have wished that I had an older sister that could show me the ropes but guess that just left me to figure things out by myself. So glad there’s Internet! Since then, of course, I know how to beauty myself up if I need to and make sure I’m presentable for that wow factor. But I’m not going to lie, […]

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Review – Lenny & Larry Peanut Butter Complete Cookie


The craze for sweets in my daily life of fitness continues and of course you can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing about Lenny & Larry Complete cookies. I swear, people are absolutely obsessed with them and when I tried my first as a cheat during training, I was honestly not impressed. This does have to say that it was Snickerdoodle flavor so I keep hoping that this might change. Couple of months ago I got myself some Complete cookies and one of the flavors was Peanut Butter (because #PeanutButterIsLife). It has been sitting in my drawer for a long […]

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Palermo Urban Pie Pizza – Uncured Pepperoni and Chicken Sausage


I was going to start this post telling you a joke about pizza but I thought it was gonna be too cheesy.. Haha BOOM! Nailed it. I crack myself up 🙂 No but seriously, I love pizza. Ever since I was done with my show, I’ve been on a hunt for some good pizza and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me and my boyfriend try out a couple of places already. Last weekend we have went on vacation and discovered a small brewery that served an incredible pizza! So I was excited when BzzAgent (website that uses […]

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Review – MusclePharm Combat Crunch Birthday Cake


Fitness does weird things to you. Things like wanting to get obsessed about peanut butter, birthday cake – ANYTHING and mixing up protein powder to make a cake. But the birthday cake flavor in fitness is seriously out of this world. I didn’t even care much before but you damn sure I have about 5 different sprinkler kind at my house right now 😉 MusclePharm Combat Crunch bars were first introduced to me when I switched coaches and to Flexible Dieting overall and these bars were one of the options that my coach suggested to use as protein source. The first […]

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Mini Review – Quest White Chocolate Raspberry


Can you tell that I’m still in vacation bliss over here? Best part about getting away is you have more time and willingness to try new things so right before we left, I picked up couple of more bars that I have not tried yet. Quest Nutrition is one of the most popular brands out there and with so many different flavors of protein bars, everyone is always obsessing about them. My experience with Quest hasn’t been that great just because I don’t see what the big deal is. But I decided to pick up White Chocolate Raspberry bar and […]

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White Pass, WA – Summer 2016


How is it almost September?? I feel like just the other day I was trying to plan out my summer but with training and preparing for my first competition, the time completely flew by. My boyfriend’s family has a cabin over at White Pass, WA so we usually head over there for 4th of July weekend but with all the promos that I recently have and training schedule, we had to postpone it until August. And it finally arrived! I love White Pass. It is about 3 and half hours away from where we live so every time we drive […]

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REVIEW – CytoSport Muscle Milk Light Snack Vanilla Toffee Crunch


  You know that feeling you get when you find something at grocery store and you want to eat it right then and there and then just end up dropping everything on the floor and totally doing just that? No? Oh maybe it’s just me. Kidding. But seriously, this is what I though with this bar – CytoSport Muscle Milk Light Snack Vanilla Toffee Crunch is advertised to be the “lighter” version with less calories than their standard bar with amazing taste for just a snack to keep your hunger at bay. Maybe they just didn’t plan on dealing with someone who’s hunger […]

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Off Season – Mental F*Ups and Going on Vacation


When I first started my off season, or reverse dieting, I was determined to keep my macros accurate and post every week about my numbers to keep myself accountable. But I have never expected to F the whole thing up like I did. Just as I wrote before, I expected this to be hard, to have some mental battles.. I have done my research, I though I was ready for what was to come. But oh how I was wrong. The days have become a torture. Overeating and having inconsistent macros by eating tons of peanut butter, cereal and chocolate […]

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